Hello, my name is Nyrobi, Enkare Nyrobi!

My name comes from the ancient Maasai language that originates from Kenya; it means “cold aqua”. Being hemp, some of you may know me as the newest SUPERFOOD, others mistaken me for my sister, Mary Jane. If you had to  gamble, you’d definitely be better off putting your money on me. I provide you the perfect nutritional balance for optimal health and most importantly, I help you make your contribution towards a better future!

I defy physics; I am a mixture of oil and water: 

Nothing is impossible! With the help of my friend, NanoTech, I broke the relentless bonds between Hydrogen and oxygen to become a highly effective supplemental beverage. I am the ideal way to obtain your daily dose of Omega 3 & 6 because I allow the essential nutrients to penetrate most cellular membranes by bypassing the traditional transfer channel.

You can take me everywhere: 

Unlike Mary, I won’t get you in trouble, I’m THC FREE! Whether you’re going out for your morning yoga or workout session, out on your afternoon stroll, at a family dinner, or even laying on the couch netflixing, count on me to keep you clear, calm and balanced. Make sure to take me with you on your next journey (within hemp allowed jurisdictions) , wherever it may lead us, so I can inspire you to make the right choices when it comes to your health through better everyday habits, one sip at a time.